Written by mathimatikoi.

1 Who we are?

We are a  group of Greek mathematicians and we made this website in order to discuss mathematics with other mathematicians from around the world and to promote discussions of mathematical topics.
μαθηματικοί (pronounce: máthēmátēkē ) is the Greek word for mathematicians.

2 The website

2.1 Inside
Questions and Answers: On this website you can post mathematical questions or answer the existing ones.
Archives: You can upload or download mathematical archives.

2.2 Mathematical levels
This site is for university undergraduate and graduate level mathematics, but also for specific areas, such as mathematical competitions and Euclidean geometry.
• Please, do NOT post (or respond to) questions of high-school level. There are many internet forums for questions of this level.
• do NOT post (or respond to) questions related to numerology, etc.

2.3 Publication rules
• Be polite. Do not be rude or dismissive. Inappropriate behaviour is not allowed and will be treated accordingly.
• Posts with mathematical formulas written in ascii format or as embedded images are not acceptable and will be removed.
• Before you post your question, try to solve it yourself. Write your questions in detail and, if any, the results of your efforts.
• Show understanding for those who know less math than you. (Nobody knows everything in maths!)
• Do not require an answer to your question at the time you want. The participation in the discussions is voluntary.
• Tick with appropriate tag (or tags) your question, so that it can be found easier from those interested to read it or respond to it.
• The moderators, when it is necessary and without prior notice to members involved in a conversation, can remove, modify or lock the post.

 2.4 Writing mathematical formulas
Use the known \(\rm\LaTeX\) code for writing mathematical formulas. (View wiki/Help:Formula for help. )
Mathematical expressions and formulas rendered by mathjax .
• For a mathematical formula in line, write the \(\rm\LaTeX\) code between \(\backslash(\) and \(\backslash)\), i.e. \(\backslash(\)latex code\(\backslash)\).
• For a centered mathematical formula, write the \(\rm\LaTeX\) code either between  double dollars, or between  \(\backslash[\) and \(\backslash]\),
i.e. \(\$\$\)latex code\(\$\$\), or \(\backslash[\)latex code\(\backslash]\).
NOTICE: the writing of in-line mathematical formula putting the \(\rm{\color{red}\LaTeX}\) code between simple \(\color{red}\$\), i.e. \(\color{red}\$\)latex code\(\color{red}\$\)  NOT supported.

The questions should not require enormous answers.
The answers must be clear and detailed. Avoid to publish short hints. If you do not want to give a complete answer, give priority to those who want it.
Presentation of an autonomous mathematical topic.
Analysis, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Number theory, Statistics, etc.
Algebraic Topology, Algebraic Geometry, Functional Analysis, Measure theory, Homological Algebra, Categories, etc.
Olympiads, Putnam, SEEMOUS, etc.
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