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1. Membership
You can become a member of mathimatikoi.org by creating an account at mathimatikoi.org. It's free!
Note that only if you are registered you have full use of the site i.e. you can post questions, give answers and communicate with the other members. Otherwise you can post a question as a guest.


2. Writing mathematical formulas
Use the known \(\rm\LaTeX\) code for writing mathematical formulas. (View wiki/Help:Formula for help. )
Mathematical expressions and formulas rendered by mathjax .

  • For a mathematical formula in line, write the \(\rm\LaTeX\) code between \(\backslash(\) and \(\backslash)\), i.e. \(\backslash(\)latex code\(\backslash)\).
    Example: \(\backslash(\)\frac{1+\sqrt{5}}{2}\(\backslash)\) gives \(\frac{1+\sqrt{5}}{2}\) .
  • For a centered mathematical formula, write the \(\rm\LaTeX\) code either between  double dollars, or between  \(\backslash[\) and \(\backslash]\),
    i.e. \(\$\$\)latex code\(\$\$\), or \(\backslash[\)latex code\(\backslash]\).
    Example: \(\$\$\)\frac{1+\sqrt{5}}{2}\(\$\$\) or \(\backslash[\)\frac{1+\sqrt{5}}{2}\(\backslash]\) gives \[\frac{1+\sqrt{5}}{2}\] NOTICE: the writing of in-line mathematical formula putting the \(\rm{\color{red}\LaTeX}\) code between simple \(\color{red}\$\), i.e. \(\color{red}\$\)latex code\(\color{red}\$\)  NOT supported.


3. Questions and Answers
In the Questions & Answers page you can post mathematical questions or answer these.

How do I post a question?
After login into mathimatikoi.org choose the  button at the green bar of Q & A .

  • In the Ask a Question window "Pick a category" appropriate to the subject you want to  ask.
  • Choose a title  appropriate to the subject.
  • Write your question.
  • Assign an appropriate tag (or tags) to your question. You can also create new tag (or tags) .
  • Submit it by clicking on the submit_button button.
  • Make sure that the formulas do not protrude from the frame of your publication.
    NOTE: Is not feasible to preview your question, but you can always edit it.
    Tip: After submission you can see your post refreshing the page on your browser.

How can I insert an image into my post?

  • In the Ask a Question window choose the Image tag  at  bottom-left. 
  • In the window that appears you can upload an image from your computer or from an url directory.
  • After uploading, you can insert that image into your post.
    OR (only way for replies)
  • Upload the image you want to insert in the Images folder of the archives.
  • Copy the URL directory of the image by right-clicking on  "download" indication.
  • At the panel on your reply window, click on the "Picture" tab and paste the mentioned directory in the appearing window.
  • Click "OK".

How do I paste a copied text into my post?
In the Ask a Question window :

  • By holding down the Menu key (or Application key) on your keyboard.
    (In some browsers the "mouse right-click" also works.)
  • By  Ctrl+v or Shift+Insert .
  • For more safe editing choose the Toggle editor tag at bottom-left. Paste the copied text in the popup window and click the Toggle editor tag again. (recommended).

Why there are badges?
Participation is what counts and that is priceless. But the members who participate more often honored with several badges which we hope you find, as we do, at least smart.


4. Why the mathematical formulas does not appearing correctly?

Mathematical formulas in mathimatikoi.org are rendered by mathjax, which is compatible with most browsers. We have checked mathjax in mathimatikoi.org and works correctly in Firefox (Linux and Windows), Chrome, Chromium, I.E. and others. 

We recommend Firefox or Chrome (latest editions) 

If the problem persists you can install the stix fonts in your computer and then mathjax will use them. (See instructions)


5. Need more help or have any suggestions?

Please write to us at  info(at)mathimatikoi.org


6. Don't know  to write latex code?

If you do not know to write latex code, you can use the latex editor by pressing  the link labeled "Latex editor" at the top right on the website. In the pop-up window use the appropriate symbols from the menu to write the mathematical formula you want. The exact mathematical formula it appears below the yellow frame and in the yellow frame appears the latex code of the  formula. Copy the latex code and paste it into your post, putting it between the appropriate latex brackets, \(\backslash(\) and \(\backslash)\) or \(\backslash[\) and \(\backslash]\) .


7. Questions about LaTeX. Testing the latex code.

If you have a question about LaTeX or you want to test a particular code, you can make a post in the category "LaTeX".




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