At we are actively looking for willing participants to join our team. Currently there are 6 teams available which you can join. Team

The Team is responsible for promoting the site. You can become part of it by:
  • posting high quality replies to existing posts.
  • reviving old topics by posting interesting extensions to it
  • typing clear and readable LaTeX code
Note that it is up to complete discretion of the Administration Team to invite you to become part of the mathimatikoi Team. In addition, this rank is revised annually.

The Team offers additional ranks.
  • Analysis Team
  • Algebra Team
  • Geometry Team

For example individuals participating the most in the Analysis fora showing excellent understanding of its concepts are one step closer to obtaining the Analysis Team rank. Same goes with the other two major branches of mathematics. These ranks are special ranks awarded to individuals by the Team and are independent of the team. Shall the person be removed from the team the rank still holds true unless the person is inactive for a year or more.

Moderator Team

The Moderator Team members at mathimatikoi are part Ambassador, part Peace Officer. They keep the forums running smoothly by directing questions to appropriate locations and approving posts. Moderator Team members perform all basic moderation tasks within all forums, but leave the other teams to enforce rules specific to their respective forums. They also ensure members are adhering to site wide rules, and they will be the ones to contact you should you need a reminder about the rules. Moderator Team members welcome all Private Messages regarding rules or how to use this site itself.

You can help the Moderator Team by using the Report function in posts to alert them of posts or other members that may need attention. Potential Moderator Team candidates, when needed, are selected by the Moderator Team from the mathimatikoi Team members demonstrating exceptional knowledge of site rules, a positive attitude toward other members, and history of continued community development through participation in our forums.

All moderators here at are easily distinguished by their rank and the Image.

Recognised Articles' Author website has an active mathematical blog where members can post interesting articles so the rest of the community can read or comment on. By:
  • posting high quality blog posts in English
  • commenting on existing by extending them
you are one step closer to gaining the Recognised Articles' Author rank and be part of the respective group.

Note that it is up to complete discretion of the Administration Team to invite you to become part of this particular team. In addition, this rank is revised annually.