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MathJaX Upgrade

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Tolaso J Kos
Administration team
Administration team
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MathJaX Upgrade


Post by Tolaso J Kos » Sat Sep 09, 2017 12:16 am


today we upgraded to the latest stable release of MathJaX. This upgrade brings new features:
  1. A whole new set of macros thanks to mediawiki MathJaX extension.
  2. The revival of xypic.js which had been lost to the previous upgrade to 2.7.0 . Now we have once again the ability to draw commutative diagrams. Give them a try.
  3. New and improved accessibility and visibility menu.
  4. SVG rendering for browsers supporting it
If you have any questions please feel free to post them here. If you would like a particular extension to be activated do not hesitate on asking it.
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Re: MathJaX Upgrade


Post by Riemann » Sat Sep 09, 2017 8:12 am

\PATH ~={**@{-}} ~<{|<*@{<}} ~>{|>*@{>}}
'(10,1)*+{1}^{a} '(20,-2)*+{2}^{b} (30,0)*+{3}^{c}

\PATH ~={**@{-} ?>*@{>}}
`l (-1,-1)*{A} ^a
` (1,-1) *{B} ^b
`_ul (1,0) *{C} ^c
`ul^l "base" ^d
"base" ^e

*+<1.5pt>[F**:white]++[F**:red]{\text{text with background}},
+!D+/d1pc/, *++[F**:black][white]{\bf{\text{bold white on black}}}

(0,0)*++{\text{\frm{}}} *\frm{}="0",
+/d3em/*++{\text{\frm{-}}} *\frm{-},
+/d3em/*++{\text{\frm{=}}} *\frm{=},
+/d3em/*++{\text{\frm{--}}} *\frm{--},
+/d3em/*++{\text{\frm{,}}} *\frm{,},
+/d3em/*++{\text{\frm{o}}} *\frm{o},
+/d3em/*++{\text{\frm{oo}}} *\frm{oo},
+/d3em/*++{\text{\frm{e}}} *\frm{e},
+/d3em/*++{\text{\frm{ee}}} *\frm{ee},
+/d3em/*++[]{\text{\frm{*}}} *\frm{*},
+/d2em/*++[o]{\text{\frm{*}}} *\frm{*},

"0"+/r10em/*++{\text{\frm{.}}} *\frm{.},
+/d3em/*++{\text{\frm<8pt>{-}}} *\frm<8pt>{-},
+/d3em/*++{\text{\frm<8pt>{=}}} *\frm<8pt>{=},
+/d3em/*++{\text{\frm{o-}}} *\frm{o-},
+/d3em/*++{\text{\frm<3pt>{,}}} *\frm<3pt>{,},
+/d3em/*++{\text{\frm<8pt>{o}}} *\frm<8pt>{o},
+/d3em/*++{\text{\frm<8pt>{oo}}} *\frm<8pt>{oo},
+/d3em/*++{\text{\frm<20pt,8pt>{e}}} *\frm<20pt,8pt>{e},
+/d3em/*++{\text{\frm<20pt,8pt>{ee}}} *\frm<20pt,8pt>{ee},
+/d3em/*++[]{\text{\frm{**}}} *\frm{**},
+/d2em/*++[o]{\text{\frm{**}}} *\frm{**},

"0"+/r20em/*++{\text{\frm<20pt>{.}}} *\frm<20pt>{.},
+/d3em/*++{\text{\frm<20pt>{-}}} *\frm<20pt>{-},
+/d3em/*++{\text{\frm<20pt>{=}}} *\frm<20pt>{=},
+/d3em/*++{\text{\frm<20pt>{--}}} *\frm<20pt>{--},
+/d3em/*++{\text{\frm{-,}}} *\frm{-,},
+/d3em/*++{\text{\frm{.o}}} *\frm{.o},
+/d3em/*++{\text{\frm{-o}}} *\frm{-o},
+/d3em/*++{\text{\frm{.e}}} *\frm{.e},
+/d3em/*++{\text{\frm{-e}}} *\frm{-e},
+/d3em/*++[]{\text{\frm<6pt>{*}}} *\frm<6pt>{*},
+/d2em/*++[o]{\text{\frm<6pt>{*}}} *\frm<6pt>{*},
$\displaystyle \sum_{n=1}^{\infty}\frac{1}{n^s}= \prod_{p \; \text{prime}}\frac{1}{1-p^{-s}}$
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